Chapter 12

Nanostructured therapeutic systems with bioadhesive and thermoresponsive properties

Marcos L. Bruschi
Fernanda B. Borghi-Pangoni
Mariana V. Junqueira
Sabrina B. de Souza Ferreira    State University of Maringá, Maringá, Brazil


Bioadhesive systems present the ability to get in close contact with the biologic substrate. When the biological surface is the mucosal tissue, the system is called mucoadhesive. Thermoresponsive systems display a significant physicochemical change in response to the temperature modifications. The development of blends composed by bioadhesive thermoresponsive polymers provides new nanostructured therapeutic systems. The Mucoadhesive Thermoresponsive Systems (MTS) can offer easy administration with no irritancy, ...

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