23Engineered Nanoparticles' Toxicity: Environmental Aspects

Neetu Talreja1 and Dinesh Kumar2

1Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208016, India

2Central University of Gujarat, School of Chemical Sciences, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382030, India

23.1 Introduction

Nanotechnology and emerging nanomaterials (ENMs) are rapidly developing an intriguing area of research, globally. Nanoparticles or ENMs have a size less than 100 nm and might be zero-dimensional (0D), one- (1D), two- (2D), or three-dimensional (3D) [1–3]. These engineering nanoparticles (ENPs) are being spotlighted as a major concern for rapidly growing industries. ENMs are generated by the fabrication of matter ...

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