Creating MixerModule

This module really won't be anything new, as it will serve as a relocation of what was previously our root component's view. However, it will introduce an extra nicety: the ability to define its own inner routes.

Create app/modules/mixer/components/mixer.component.html and paste the contents from where we had cut from the  app.component.html:

<ActionBar title="TNSStudio" class="action-bar"></ActionBar><GridLayout rows="*, 100" columns="*" class="page">    <track-list row="0" col="0"></track-list>    <player-controls row="1" col="0"></player-controls></GridLayout>

Then create a matching app/modules/mixer/components/mixer.component.ts:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';@Component({   moduleId:,  selector: 'mixer', ...

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