Chapter 2

Adopting a Natural Cures Diet and Lifestyle

In This Chapter

arrow Replacing junk with food

arrow Exercising and de-stressing

Most illness results either from a genetic susceptibility combined with physical or emotional stressor or from a weak immune system exposed to an infectious agent — a bacteria, virus, or fungus. You can’t do anything to correct an underlying genetic vulnerability, but you can do a great deal to boost your immune system and avoid stressors that trigger illness — poor diet, emotional tension, and environmental toxins. In this chapter, I recommend changes to diet and lifestyle that strengthen your body’s ability to prevent illness while reducing your exposure to common stressors that trigger illness.

Changing What and How You Eat: Using Food as Medicine

Scientists are beginning to discover that food is more than mere sustenance. Not only does food fuel the body and provide the basic building blocks for growth and development, but it also conveys information. Foods can flip switches in the DNA to trigger numerous illnesses and health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and neurocognitive disorders. To improve health and reverse the course of disease, treat food as medicine and start making better food choices. ...

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