Chapter 4

Treating Injuries and Minor Ailments

In This Chapter

arrow Soothing bee stings and insect and spider bites

arrow Healing cuts, bruises, and burns, including sunburn

arrow Speeding recovery from hangovers, headaches, heartburn, and hiccups

arrow Alleviating sprains, strains, and other swelling

arrow Curing motion sickness and poison ivy

Every day, you expose your body to conditions and activities that are likely to hurt. Bees, bugs, and spiders seem to be ready and waiting to inflict pain, and every day the sun blasts you with wonderfully warm but potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation. And if nature doesn’t get you, you’re almost sure to experience some sort of self-inflicted malady by eating or drinking too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things, playing or working too hard, or just being careless or falling victim to the occasional unavoidable accident.

Whether you experience one of life’s minor mishaps or suffer from some other common affliction, such as a headache, hiccups, ...

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