Chapter 5

Coughing and Sneezing? Curing Nose and Throat Conditions

In This Chapter

arrow Quieting coughs

arrow Alleviating laryngitis

arrow Clearing congestion and postnasal drip

arrow Soothing a sore throat

Your upper respiratory tract, consisting of your nose, nasal passages, mouth, and throat, is your first line of defense against many airborne irritants and illnesses. Each day, you probably breathe in about 400 cubic feet of air, all of which is filtered, to some degree, through the upper respiratory system, so it’s no wonder that this area is so prone to illness. In this chapter, I describe several conditions that afflict the upper respiratory system and recommend natural cures for each condition.

tip If you turned to this chapter to find out about natural cures for the common cold, you’re in the wrong place. Turn to Chapter 6, where you’ll find remedies for colds, flus, and other common infections.

remember Doses ...

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