Chapter 7

Healing Skin, Hair, Scalp, and Nail Conditions

In This Chapter

arrow Diagnosing and treating common skin conditions

arrow Keeping your scalp and hair healthy

arrow Using your fingernails and toenails as a diagnostic tool

When your skin, scalp, hair, or nails succumb to illness, you have two problems: the condition itself and how it makes you feel about yourself and your appearance. That doesn’t make you vain; it makes you normal. Whether you find out that lice have infested your locks, you break out in acne, or your fingernails turn yellow, you want a cure, and you want it now! Although I can’t promise immediate results, in this chapter, I offer guidance on what you can do right now to turn the tide on the most common ailments affecting your skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

remember Doses in this chapter are for adults, not children. For guidance on how to adjust dosages for children (and adults under 150 pounds), turn to Chapter 12.

Getting the Skinny on Skin Conditions

Skin conditions may or may not be only skin deep. Certain skin conditions, such as blisters, corns, calluses, and ringworm, are ...

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