Chapter 17

Tackling Chronic Health Conditions

In This Chapter

arrow Combating cancer, chronic fatigue, and cardiovascular diseases

arrow Dealing with diabetes, fibromyalgia, and lupus

arrow Managing migraines and multiple sclerosis

arrow Battling osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease

Chronic health conditions are those that last a long time and are difficult to shake. Fortunately, this is the area of medicine where functional medicine tends to shine. While conventional medicine battles chronic illness with powerful pharmaceutical medications that often weaken the body in the process, functional medicine works to strengthen the body so that it can more effectively rid itself of disease. In this chapter, I provide the guidance you need to equip your body to battle a host of chronic illnesses — from cancer and cardiovascular disease to osteoporosis and stroke.

remember Doses in this chapter are for adults, not children. For guidance on how to adjust dosages for children (and adults under 150 pounds), turn to Chapter ...

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