Chapter 21

Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Natural Medicine

In This Chapter

arrow Shifting the focus from symptoms to their causes

arrow Harnessing the healing power of the human body

arrow Trusting your observations and instincts

arrow Using food as medicine and avoiding the quick fix

You can use the natural cures approach to prevent and treat specific illnesses or to become so healthy that any illness has a difficult time establishing a foothold. I strongly encourage you to take the second approach — to adopt a diet and lifestyle that supports optimum health, as I explain in Chapter 2. In this chapter, I offer ten more ways to get the most out of natural cures.

Consulting a Natural Healthcare Provider

To truly get the most out of natural medicine, you should consult a natural healthcare provider — a functional medicine practitioner, naturopath, osteopath, or a chiropractor who’s skilled in nutritional medicine. Natural healthcare providers are dedicated to treating patients, not just illnesses. They can order tests and interpret the results to determine what’s going on in your body and guide you in ...

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