Appendix A

Vitamins and Minerals

To carry out the biological functions necessary to live, breathe, develop, heal, and engage in all the other wonderful activities that make life worth living, your body requires vitamins and minerals. In this appendix, I provide essential information about vitamins (Table A-1) and minerals (Table A-2) and the foods in which they’re commonly found. I also specify each vitamin’s and mineral’s better form — the specific chemical compound of the vitamin or ­mineral that’s best for one or more reasons; for example, vitamin C is ­commonly sold in the form of ascorbic acid, but vitamin C also comes in the form of various mineral ascorbates, which are less acidic and more bioavailable (that is, more readily accessible to the human body). I also include information on electrolytes in Table A-3.

Tip Before buying a product, contact the manufacturer and ask for an independent third-party lab analysis that verifies the product’s quality and ingredients. Prior to seeing me, many of my patients had tried poor-quality products and had given up on supplements because they didn’t work. They’re surprised when the supplements I prescribe are effective. The moral of the story: Buy products only from manufacturers that follow strict quality control procedures and subject their products to rigorous, independent lab tests to ensure that you’re getting what’s printed on the ...

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