Appendix D


For as long as humans have walked the earth, plants have been used to treat a host of common ailments, from allergies to headaches to heart disease and even cancer. In fact, many modern medicines have been developed by extracting the active ingredients of various plants. Table D-1 lists more than 100 of the most common and helpful herbs still in use today.

Warning Just because herbs are plants and serve as natural cures doesn’t mean that all herbs are completely safe. Some herbs, even medicinal herbs, may be toxic. Obtain herbal remedies from reputable suppliers and carefully read and follow label instructions and warnings. If you’re pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or nursing, consult your doctor before using any herbal remedies.

Table D-1 Herbal Remedies


Commonly Used For


Burns, wounds, skin irritations, constipation, ulcers

American ginseng

Weakness, fever, cough, wheezing, increasing stress tolerance


Cold, flu, diarrhea


Indigestion, gas, colic, circulation, cough, congestion


Indigestion, nausea, gas, bloating, colic, cough (expectorant), menstrual pain, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, scabies, lice


Bruises, sprains, strains, muscle pain


Liver and gallbladder health, stomach upset, digestion, colon conditions

May help with atherosclerosis and high cholesterol

Ashwagandha root (mild sedative) ...

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