Chapter 6. Multilingual Named Entity Recognition

So far in this book we have applied Transformers to solve NLP tasks on English corpora, so what do you do when your documents are written in Greek, Swahili, or Klingon? One approach is to search the HuggingFace Model Hub for a suitable pretrained language model and fine-tune it on the task at hand. However, these pretrained models tend to exist only for “high-resource” languages like German, Russian, or Mandarin, where plenty of webtext is available for pretraining. Another common challenge arises when your corpus is multilingual – maintaining multiple monolingual models in production will not be any fun for you or your engineering team.

Fortunately, there is a class of multilingual Transformers to the rescue! Like BERT, these models use masked language modeling as a pretraining objective, but are trained jointly on texts in over 100 concurrent languages. By pretraining on huge corpora ...

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