How it works...

Let's see how to build this pipeline:

import nltkimport threadingimport queueimport feedparserimport uuid

These five instructions import five Python libraries into the current program:

  • nltk: Natural language toolkit
  • threading: A threading library used to create lightweight tasks within a single program
  • queue: A queue library that can be used in a multi-threaded program
  • feedparser: An RSS feed parsing library
  • uuid: An RFC-4122-based uuid version 1, 3, 4, 5-generating library
threads = []

Creating a new empty list to keep track of all the threads in the program:

queues = [queue.Queue(), queue.Queue()]

This instruction creates a list of two queues in a variable queue?

Why do we need two queues:

  • The first queue is used to store ...

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