Time for action – tagging names

Follow the given steps:

  1. Copy the following code snippet as a query to LINQPad:
    List<string> boys = new List<string> {"Anders", "Anders", "David", "James", "Jeff", "Joe", "Erik"};
    List<string> girls = new List<string> {"Anna", "Anzena", "Dorothy", "Jenny", "Josephine", "Julee"};
    List<string> nameList1 = new List<string>() {"Anders", "Anna", "Joe", "Jenny", "Anzena", "Josephine", "Erik"};
    Dictionary<string, string> nameMap = nameList1.ToDictionary(c => c,c=>boys.Contains(c)?"boy":"girl");
    nameMap.Keys.Dump("All Members");
    nameMap.Keys.Where(c => nameMap[c] == "boy").Dump("Boys");
    nameMap.Keys.Where(c => nameMap[c] == "girl").Dump("Girls");
  2. Run the query. You will see the following output:

What just happened?

The Lambda ...

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