Time for action – checking whether a sequence is palindromic

Follow the given steps:

  1. Change the language to C# Program in the Language box of LINQPad.
  2. Paste the following query in LINQPad:
    static bool IsPalindromic(string sentence)
      List<string> wordsInOrder = sentence.Split(' ').ToList();
      List<string> wordsInReverseOrder = sentence.Split(' ').Reverse().ToList();
      return wordsInOrder.SequenceEqual(wordsInReverseOrder);
    void Main()
      string response = IsPalindromic("Veni, vidi, vici") ? "\"Veni, vidi, vici\" Is Palindromic":"\"Veni, vidi, vici\" Is Not Palindromic";
      response = IsPalindromic("Nada Ney Nada") ? "\"Nada, Ney, Nada\" Is Palindromic":"\"Nada, Ney, Nada\" Is Not Palindromic";
  3. Run the query. This should ...

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