Time for action – check out DefaultIfEmpty()

Follow the given steps:

  1. Copy the following as a query to LINQPad:
    public static List<double> GetLastWeekHumidity()
      //Assume this is where we get the result from the Web Service
      List<double> humidityThisWeek = new List<double>();
      //Assume Web Service didn't return anything
      return humidityThisWeek.DefaultIfEmpty(80.0).ToList();
    static void Main()
      List<double> humidity = GetLastWeekHumidity();
  2. Run the query. You should see the following output:
    Time for action – check out DefaultIfEmpty()

What just happened?

DefaultIfEmpty() allows you to push only one default value in the source collection. In this case, 80.0 was pushed ...

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