Time for action – checking Any()

Follow the given steps:

  1. Copy the following as a query to LINQPad:
    string[] names = {"Sam", "Danny", "Jeff", "Erik", "Anders","Derik"};
    bool z  = names.Any();
    bool x = names.Any(c => c.Length == 5);
    z.Dump("There are some elements");
    x.Dump("There is at least one element with length 5");
  2. Run the query and you will get the following output:
    Time for action – checking Any()

What just happened?

Both x and z will be true, in this case, as the source collection (names in this case) has some elements and a couple of them have a length of 5.

Unlike Single(), Any() doesn't complain if there is no element in the source collection or any that matches the Lambda ...

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