Time for action – creating a word guessing game

Using Rotate() and RandomShufflle() algorithms, I created a small game that asks the users to guess a randomly shuffled or rotated word. On successful guess, it loads a different word. The game has two options namely: Let Me Win and Bring It On.

  1. Create a user interface and place the controls as follows:
    Time for action – creating a word guessing game
  2. Add the following variables in Form1.cs:
    List<string> allWords = new List<string>();
    int seconds = 0;
    int rotated = 0;
    string word;
  3. Add a timer to the project. Leave its name as Timer1 and enable it. Change its Interval value to 1000 so that it ticks every second.
  4. Add the following code in the Form_Load ...

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