1Introduction to Network Forensics

Sitting in front of his laptop he stares at a collection of files and reflects on how easy it was to get them. He sent an e-mail to a sales manager at his target company—almost silly how obviously fake it was—and within minutes he knew that he had access to the sales manager's system. It took very little time for him to stage his next steps, which included installing a small rootkit to keep his actions from being noticed, and to ensure his continued presence on the system wouldn't be detected. It also provided him continued access without the sales manager needing open the e-mail message again. That had taken place weeks back and so far, there appeared to be no evidence that anyone had caught on to his presence not only on the system but, by extension, on the business network the sales manager's laptop was connected to.

It was this network that he was poring over now, looking at a collection of files related to the business's financial planning. There were also spreadsheets including lists of customer names, contact information, and sales projections to those customers. No really big score but definitely some interesting starting points. Fortunately, this user was well-connected with privileges in the enterprise network. This ended up giving him a lot of network shares to choose from, and for the last several weeks he ...

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