10Correlating Attacks

As he looks at the systems he has gathered from this one company, it appears that they are scattered around the United States with one or two in Ireland. He recognizes how important the events that he is performing are in creating a trail demonstrating his jumping from one system to another. Unfortunately, when logs are sent off the system they originated on, it's hard to for him to protect himself. He can't just wipe the logs because they are sent to a waiting system in another part of the network the moment they are created. Wiping the local log has no benefit there.

He checks time zones and clock settings on each of the systems he has entered. He realizes that not only do they span different time zones, but in many cases, their times don't match up. Sometimes even within the same building. Clocks are sometimes off by several minutes or more. Sometimes, clock settings are entirely wrong. This is good news for him, since anything these systems are generating can be misleading. This is in addition to the obfuscation he is creating. The more he can do to create a quicksand to mire down those who may eventually be tracking him, the better off he will be. More days under his control means more money in his pocket. This is a good thing.

When you ...

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