Broadband Wireless Access Networks

  • Broadband wireless access networks

    • Multichannel multipoint distribution service, MMDS

    • Local multipoint distribution service, LMDS

    • IEEE 802.16/WiMax networks

  • Components of wireless access network

    • Base station (BS)

    • Subscriber station (SS)

    • Wireless medium

    • Wireless spectrum

  • Basic principles of wireless communication

    • Free-space propagation

    • Terrestrial propagation

    • Cellular mobile environment

    • Fading phenomena

  • MMDS and LMDS

    • Deployment in rural areas

    • Line-of-sight (LOS) limitation

    • Operational spectrum and modes

    • Similarity with cable access network

    • DOCSIS standards or proprietary protocol

    • DOCSIS management standards for DOCSIS-based systems

  • IEEE 802.16/WiMax networks

    • IEEE 802.16 spectrum ...

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