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Network Programming with Swift: Tools and Techniques to Create iOS and OS X Apps that Network

Book Description

This is the Rough Cut version of the printed book.

Writing networking code has never been easy, but in an era where practically every app is a connected app, these skills are absolutely essential. Apple's networking libraries for iOS and OS X offer complete facilities for creating code to network with websites, databases, and even other devices running your app. Often, however, Apple's documentation doesn't cover the details, subtleties, and scenarios you need to know about.


In Network Programming with Swift, expert network programmer Karl G. Kowalski brings together all the knowledge and code recipes you need to create network-ready apps for iOS or OS X. Kowalski covers crucial issues and new technologies other Apple network programming ignore, especially Apple's valuable new Bluetooth LE support. Wherever network communications requires both a transmitter and a receiver -- as for a Bluetooth contact-sharing app that transmits specific data and expects a custom response -- he walks through implementing both sides. You'll also find expert coverage of data privacy and integrity issues, third-party libraries and tools, and debugging network code.


Kowalski presents most examples in Swift, supporting your migration to Apple's powerful and efficient new language. Wherever necessary for clarity or other reasons, he also provides Objective-C examples. Every example is targeted at iOS 8 and reflects the new Xcode 6 development environment.