Chapter 7

A LAN and Water Distribution Network: Case Studies

This chapter presents two case studies; viz., (i) a Local Area Network catering the research and social needs of IIT Kharagpur community at various levels and network existed during 2000–2006. Since then due to rapidly changing technology, both in terms of software and hardware in this area, several advancements have been made to this network. (ii) Water Distribution Networks taken from the literature and studied by (Kansal & Devi, 2007) (Mishra & Chaturvedi, 2009). Note that the analyses of these cases have been conducted based on the text presented in this book; therefore, we have omitted much of the details of analyses.

7.1 Case Study-I: IIT Kharagpur LAN Network

The modelling approach is applied on a segment IIT Kharagpur LAN (IIT-KGP-LAN) layout to evaluate reliability expressions for all node pairs. A brief introduction to the LAN layout taken from (Goyal, 2006) is presented below.

IIT Kharagpur campus is spread over a large area of about 2100 acres. It can broadly be divided into three areas: a) Academic, b) Hostels and c) Faculty/Staff residential area. The first two areas were very well connected by the LAN. Connectivity to rest of the part was available only through dial up connections to different servers. A segment of the IIT LAN, acting as backbone for connecting academic area and hostels, is taken in the present analysis.

As shown in Figure 7.1, the network segment taken in this analysis consists of 45 nodes. ...

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