List of tables and figures


1.1. Examples of TEL quality indicators 17

3.1. Comparison of traditional teaching and e-teaching 54

3.2. TEL approaches and corresponding tutoring strategies 56

3.3. Breakdown and content of meetings in Phase I of the basic training course 71

3.4. Breakdown of the design support phase 72

4.1. Gagné’s ‘nine instructional events’ 92

4.2. Checklist for evaluating NCL course design and communication architecture 106

5.1. The dimensions involved in message analysis 119

5.2. Message analysis indicators 120

5.3. Dimensions for classifying units of meaning 121

5.4. An incidence table used for calculating the centrality index 122


1.1. Centrality of the educational mediator 3

1.2. Centrality of the learner  ...

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