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Networking Concepts and Technology: A Designer's Resource

Book Description

This book is a resource for network architects who must create solutions for emerging network environments in enterprise data centers. You'll find information on how to leverage Sun™ Open Network Environment (Sun ONE) technologies to create Services on Demand solutions, as well as technical details about the networking internals. The information presented here is based on actual network engineering experience that includes network product development and real-world customer experiences. The focus of this book is limited to the design of network architectures that support Web services-based, multi-tier architectures. However, it covers everything from the edge data center switch to the server network protocol stacks.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Figures
  4. Tables
  5. Preface
  6. Overview
    1. Evolution of Web Services Infrastructures
    2. The Data Center IP Network
    3. Network Traffic Characteristics
    4. End-to-End Session: Tuning the Transport Layer
    5. Network Edge Traffic Steering: IP Services
    6. Server Networking Internals
    7. Network Availability Design Patterns
    8. Reference Implementations
  7. Network Traffic Patterns: Application Layer
    1. Services on Demand Architecture
    2. Multi-Tier Architecture and Traffic Patterns
    3. Web Services Tier
    4. Application Services Tier
    5. Architecture Examples
    6. Example Solution
  8. Tuning TCP: Transport Layer
    1. TCP Tuning Domains
    2. TCP State Model
    3. TCP Congestion Control and Flow Control – Sliding Windows
    4. TCP and RDMA Future Data Center Transport Protocols
  9. Routers, Switches, and Appliances—IP-Based Services: Network Layer
    1. Packet Switch Internals
    2. Emerging Network Services and Appliances
    3. Layer 7 Switching
    4. Quality of Service
    5. QoS Components
    6. QoS-Capable Devices
    7. Secure Sockets Layer
  10. Server Network Interface Cards: Datalink and Physical Layer
    1. Token Ring Networks
    2. Fiber Distributed Data Interface Networks
    3. Ethernet Technology
    4. Fast Ethernet Interfaces
    5. 10/100 dmfe Fast Ethernet
    6. Fiber Gigabit Ethernet
    7. Sun VLAN Technology
    8. Sun Trunking Technology
    9. Network Configuration
    10. Installing the Solaris Operating System Over a Network
    11. Configuring Driver Parameters
    12. Using /etc/system to Tune Parameters
    13. Network Interface Card General Statistics
    14. Ethernet Media Independent Interface Kernel Statistics
    15. Maximizing the Performance of an Ethernet NIC Interface
  11. Network Availability Design Strategies
    1. Network Architecture and Availability
    2. Layer 2 Strategies
    3. Layer 3 Strategies
    4. Conclusions Drawn from Evaluating Fault Detection and Recovery Times
  12. Reference Design Implementations
    1. Logical Network Architecture
    2. Physical Network Implementations
    3. Switch Configuration
    4. Network Security
  13. Lyapunov Analysis
  14. Glossary
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. F
    7. G
    8. H
    9. I
    10. J
    11. L
    12. M
    13. N
    14. O
    15. P
    16. Q
    17. R
    18. S
    19. T
    20. U
    21. W
  15. Index