Chapter 2. Physical Layer Cabling: Twisted Pair

Chapter Outline

2-1 Introduction

2-2 Structured Cabling

2-3 Unshielded Twisted-Pair Cable

2-4 Terminating CAT6/5e/5 UTP Cables

2-5 Cable Testing and Certification

2-6 10 Gigabit Ethernet over Copper

2-7 Troubleshooting Cabling Systems



Questions and Problems


• Describe the six subsystems of a structured cabling system

• Define horizontal cabling

• Define UTP and STP

• Define the categories of UTP cable

• Describe the difference in the T568A and T568B wire color order

• Describe the procedure for placing RJ-45 plugs and jacks on twisted-pair cable

• Describe how to terminate twisted-pair cable for computer networks

• Define the basic concepts for planning a cable installation ...

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