Chapter 6. TCP/IP

Chapter Outline

6-1 Introduction

6-2 The TCP/IP Layers

6-3 Number Conversion

6-4 IPv4 Addressing

6-5 Subnet Masks

6-6 CIDR Blocks

6-7 IPv6 Addressing


Questions and Problems


• Develop an understanding of the four layers of the TCP/IP model

• Define how a TCP connection is established, maintained, and terminated

• Investigate the properties of the UDP connectionless protocol

• Define the five classes of IPv4 addresses

• Investigate the properties of basic number conversion

• Define the purpose of subnet masking

• Investigate the implementation of CIDR blocks and supernetting

• Apply subnet masking concepts to allocate space for hosts in a subnet

• Define the structure of IPv6

Key Terms



well-known ...

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