Networking: Interoperability between Windows and Linux

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Windows & Linux administration. Manage users, shared resources like drives, printers in a mixed environment

About This Video

  • Complete beginner to expert skills ? This course does not assume any expertise in networking or OS knowledge.
  • Practical demo tutorials ? Where most courses simply bombard you with dense theory and set you on your way, we believe in developing a deep understanding of not only what you're doing, but why you're doing it. That's why we focus on building up your understanding for infinitely better results down the line.

In Detail

Do you know what it takes to make these two operating systems work together seamlessly within the same environment? How does a Linux user login to the system using their network credentials? How can Windows and Linux users share files? Share printers? These are some of the fundamental problems IT administrators struggle with on a daily basis. In this course, ?Networking Masterclass: Interoperability between Windows and Linux?, you will get an in-depth look at how to build bridges between your Windows and Linux systems. This course teaches you how to deploy, configure and manage your heterogeneous environment and implement interoperability mechanisms between your Windows computers and Linux workstations. These IT skills are in high demand, but there is no easy way to acquire this knowledge. Rather than rely on hit and trial method, this course will provide you with all the information you need to get started with your interoperability requirements. Start-up's and technology companies pay big bucks for IT administrators with the talent to set up these elaborate networks. They demand cloud engineers and consultants manage their heterogeneous network infrastructure, and in turn, you can demand top dollar for your abilities.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Introduction to Interoperability between Windows and Linux 00:01:41
    2. Course Overview 00:02:02
    3. Benefits of Interoperability 00:01:50
    4. Download Resources 00:00:32
    5. Get Ready For Interoperability between Windows and Linux 00:00:41
  2. Chapter 2 : Configure and Verify Windows and Linux Interoperability
    1. Windows and Linux Interoperability Introduction 00:00:48
    2. Windows and Linux CentOS Interoperability Overview 00:02:14
    3. Configure Network for Interoperability 00:08:00
    4. Configure Network Settings for Interoperability 00:09:53
    5. Install Linux Packages 00:02:02
    6. Join Linux System to Windows Domain 00:07:46
  3. Chapter 3 : User Registration and De-Registration Process
    1. User Registration and De-Registration Overview 00:00:45
    2. Create Windows Domain Users 00:03:43
    3. Verify Users by Logging in As Windows Domain Users 00:06:18
    4. User De-Registration and Verification 00:05:10
  4. Chapter 4 : Network Password Policy Management
    1. Password Policies Overview 00:01:06
    2. Deploy Windows Domain Users 00:03:15
    3. Verify Password Policies for New Users 00:02:14
    4. Implement Password Policies 00:04:37
    5. Manage Password Policies 00:03:57
  5. Chapter 5 : Network Shared Drives/Folders
    1. Shared Network Drives Overview 00:00:44
    2. Provision Network Shared Drive/Folder 00:02:34
    3. Setup Shared Folders 00:09:14
    4. Verify and Access Shared Folders 00:02:52
  6. Chapter 6 : Print Service Management
    1. Manage Printers Overview 00:00:34
    2. Windows Printer Role Management 00:07:15
    3. Configure Shared Printer 00:05:52
    4. Verify Printer Configuration 00:01:55
    5. Connect To the Printer from Linux 00:06:20
  7. Chapter 7 : Conclusion
    1. Thanks! 00:03:52

Product Information

  • Title: Networking: Interoperability between Windows and Linux
  • Author(s): TetraNoodle Team, Manuj Aggarwal
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789618372