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Neural Networks in Machine Learning for Developers

Video Description

Enhance your knowledge of Neural Networks

About This Video

  • Learn to develop efficient and intelligent applications by leveraging the power of Machine Learning
  • A highly practical guide explaining the concepts of problem solving in the easiest possible manner
  • Implement Machine Learning in the most practical way

In Detail

Most of us have heard about the term Machine Learning, but surprisingly the question frequently asked by developers across the Globe is, "How do I get started in Machine Learning?" One reason could be the vastness of the subject area because people often get overwhelmed by the abstractness of ML and terms such as regression, supervised learning, probability density function, and so on. This systematic guide will teach you various Machine Learning techniques.

You will start with the very basics of neural networks and types. Then we learn about powerful variations in neural networks and Recurrent Neural Networks. Finally, we conclude with a synthetic introduction to more advanced Machine Learning techniques, such as GANs and reinforcement learning.