Welcome to Neuromarketing For Dummies! Neuromarketing is one of those topics that a lot of people talk about, but few people really understand. It’s a brand-new field that sits at the intersection of three existing fields: marketing, market research, and brain science. In this book, we look at all these dimensions of neuromarketing, and consider its ethical and public policy implications as well.

As you dig into this book, you see that neuromarketing isn’t about magical buy buttons in the brain, or about creating zombie consumers who are powerless to resist the enticements of brain-tickling marketers. It’s about some amazing new discoveries in the brain sciences that are fundamentally changing the way we think about thinking, and are inevitably impacting how we think about buying, selling, and experiencing products and services. That’s the revolution — and the excitement — that neuromarketing represents, and it’s what we try to capture in Neuromarketing For Dummies.

About This Book

Our approach follows the tried-and-true format of the For Dummies series. We cover our topic in a modular way so you can jump in at any point and not feel lost. You can read the chapters in whatever order you like, because each chapter is self-contained. If we mention something that we cover in another chapter, we tell you where you can find more information.

Sidebars (text in gray boxes) and anything marked with the Technical Stuff icon are skippable. Finally, we made some decisions regarding ...

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