Chapter 4

Why Neuromarketing Matters

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the contribution neuromarketing can make to marketing

arrow Considering the risks inherent in neuromarketing and how to mitigate them

arrow Exploring the potential benefits of neuromarketing

arrow Seeing neuromarketing in a broader context

Neuromarketing hasn’t appeared on the marketing scene without attracting its share of controversy. If you scan popular press accounts of the field, there are quite a few critics out there. Throughout this book, we address many of these criticisms. In this chapter, we provide a high-level overview of some of the major themes of contention and present our own views on the extent to which these possible dangers need to be taken seriously.

What you won’t find in the popular press are many discussions of the potential benefits that neuromarketing can bring to marketing and market research. Perhaps this topic is inherently less catchy, but we think it’s equally important. We summarize three types of benefits in this chapter.

Just so our own perspective is clear, we believe that, overall, neuromarketing ...

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