Chapter 5

The Intuitive Consumer: Nonconscious Processes Underlying Consumer Behavior

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding intuitive brain processes

arrow Appreciating how we think nonconsciously

arrow Taking a second look at the purpose of conscious thinking

arrow Identifying three key variables for neuromarketing research

In this chapter, we highlight some important ways our nonconscious minds contribute to our decisions and actions as consumers. First, we discuss the idea that the human brain is a cognitive miser, reluctant to spend any more mental energy than is absolutely necessary to get by in the world. We introduce four brain-processing principles that guide our behavior and simplify our choices as cognitive misers: efficiency, novelty, familiarity, and processing fluency.

Next, we show how the nonconscious mind uses these principles to help us make sense of our world and decide what to do, thousands of times a day. We discuss the brain’s amazing ability to make decisions without consciously thinking about them, and show how a remarkable mechanism called priming can trigger complex choices and actions ...

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