Chapter 14

Entertainment Effectiveness

In This Chapter

arrow Appreciating the power of stories to entertain and persuade

arrow Understanding why our brains are attracted to movies and video games

arrow Discovering how product placement works, and why it’s a growing practice in entertainment

arrow Seeing how neuromarketing can be used to test entertainment effectiveness

The media and entertainment industries are massive in their own right. In addition, marketers from other industry sectors are tapping into the connections these industries build with consumers to promote their own brands and products. This is an area where neuromarketing is just beginning to play a role, providing a different perspective on how stories in general, and movies and games in particular, create experiences in people’s minds, both consciously and nonconsciously, that can significantly impact their attitudes, preferences, and actions.

Understanding these impacts is important to marketers and researchers, not only because storytelling is big business, but because it’s a major delivery medium for attitude and behavior change, the ...

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