Chapter 21

Picking the Right Neuromarketing Partner

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing when to seek the help of a neuromarketing partner

arrow Understanding the difference between neuromarketing vendors and consultants

arrow Exploring the pros and cons of neuromarketing specialists and generalists

arrow Asking the right questions to pick the best partner for your research needs

We cover several neuromarketing approaches in Chapter 17 that you may want to tackle on your own, but for the most part, neuromarketing studies are not do-it-yourself projects. In this chapter, we provide guidelines and checklists for selecting and working with a neuromarketing partner. We assume not only that you’re considering a first neuromarketing project, but also that you’re considering whether this project may scale up into a longer-term commitment to include neuromarketing as a regular part of your overall market research strategy. We focus on three questions:

check.png When should you consider hiring a neuromarketing partner?

What type ...

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