Chapter 22

Neuromarketing Ethics, Standards, and Public Policy Implications

In This Chapter

arrow Making sure neuromarketing is done ethically

arrow Seeing how the neuromarketing industry is developing standards and practices

arrow Understanding some important legal questions about neuromarketing

arrow Considering the idea that neuromarketing may actually be good for you

In this chapter, we look at some important topics that surround neuromarketing — rules and principles for ethical conduct, standards and practices for transparency and acceptance, and legal and public policy implications for future directions.

Neuromarketing is a young field that’s just beginning to emerge from what we call its “Wild West” period. During those early days, there was a lot of hype and hokum on display, coming both from some early practitioners and some overzealous commentators. This is not unusual for a new field, but it has left some bruises that haven’t completely healed. Today, the field is maturing and beginning to develop many of the trappings of an established research community, such as dedicated “tracks” in mainstream ...

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