Inspired to begin again, to discover a richness to life, to make each day count. That’s how I felt as I was interviewing and writing the stories of this remarkable squad of mid-life entrepreneurs.

So I start with a huge thanks to these individuals with all my heart for their time and for sharing their stories with me and with you: Mike Kravinsky, Lazetta Rainey Braxton, Destiny Burns, Mike Foster, Laura Tanner Swinand, Tim Juntgen, Evvy Diamond, Amy Bass, Joan Sadler, Michael Lowe, John Uselton, Paul Tasner, Elena Olivari, Bergen Giordani, Morgen Giordani Reamer, Marvin Gay, Carol Nash, Molly MacDonald, Doug Rauch, Jamal Joseph, Belle Mickelson, Ginny Corbett, Donna Tortorice, Linda LaMagna, Rachel Roth, Joyce Harman, and Michele Meloy Burchfield.

I’ve been honored to have an illustrious band of colleagues and experts to help me blend these entrepreneurs’ stories with practical take-away advice and insight. These experts (many of whom are dear friends as well) whose wisdom I treasure include Elizabeth Isele, Dr. Linda Fried, Paul Irving, Marc Freedman, Cal Halvorsen, Beverly Jones, Gerri Detweiler, Del Gines, BC Clark, David Deeds, Patricia DiVecchio, Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Ed Rogoff, Maggie Mistal, Rob Lachenauer, Kali McFadden, Bonnie Riggs, Marci Alboher, Kim Eddleston, Linda Abraham, Donna De Carolis, Moira Allen, Sara Sutton, Mary Foley, Pamela Prince-Eason, Nathalie Molina Niño, Sanyin Siang, and Fran Hauser.

My deep appreciation to my agent, Linda Konner, ...

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