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New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods

Book Description

Supercharge the way you build business relationships—online and off!

Business success is all about connections, relationships, and networks! In New Business Networking, Dave Delaney shows how to combine proven offline business networking techniques with the newest social media—and make them both far more effective. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience building great online and offline communities, Delaney offers easy step-by-step directions, plus examples from some of the world’s top relationship builders. You’ll discover little-known tips for reaching out more efficiently and more personally…great ways to meet your Twitter connections “in real life”…new ways to build your network before you need it, and make the most of it when you need it!

  • Identify, research, and actually reach your best potential connections

  • Create a personal landing page that builds relationships

  • Grow a thriving LinkedIn network you can count on for years to come

  • Use third-party services to supercharge the value of your Twitter feed

  • Encourage people to engage more deeply with you on Facebook

  • Make powerful new connections through Google+ and Google Hangouts

  • Use fast-growing networking tools like Instagram, Eventbrite, Rapportive, Evernote, Plancast, Meetup, Batchbook, Highrise, and Nimble

  • Organize in-person events that work—and find sponsors to pay for them

  • Listen and converse better, and remember more of what you hear

  • Avoid oversharing and other social media faux pas

  • Transform your business card into a powerful agent on your behalf

  • Nurture and deepen the relationships you’ve worked so hard to create

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 1. Do Your Homework
      1. Job Tips
      2. Research People
      3. Endnotes
    12. 2. It Starts with a Coffee
      1. Cold-Calling
      2. The Coffee
      3. The Meeting
      4. Follow-Up
      5. Laid Off and Networking
      6. The New Kid in Town
    13. 3. Your Home on the Web Needs More Than a Welcome Mat
      1. About.me
      2. Flavors.me
      3. Blogging
      4. Editorial Calendar
      5. Commenting
      6. Blogger Tips
      7. Endnotes
    14. 4. Grow Your Network Before You Need It: LinkedIn
      1. Creating Your Profile
      2. Using Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool
      3. There’s an App for That
      4. Start Connecting
      5. Requesting Connections
      6. Promoting Your Profile
      7. Taking Advantage of Endorsements
      8. Adding Recommendations
      9. Writing Recommendations
      10. Sharing Great Content
      11. Joining Groups
      12. Creating a LinkedIn Group
      13. Seeing Who’s Been Snooping on You
      14. Looking for Work?
      15. Creating Partnerships for Your Company
      16. LinkedIn Company Pages
      17. Generating Leads for Your Company
      18. Backing Up
      19. LinkedIn Signal
      20. LinkedIn Connection Update
      21. Grow Your Network Before You Need It
      22. Endnotes
    15. 5. Building a Network, 140 Characters at a Time: Twitter
      1. Background
      2. The Basics
      3. Types of Tweets
      4. Brevity and Direct Messages
      6. Hat Tips
      7. Goals
      8. Finding Interesting People
      9. Be Careful, Be Healthy
      10. Twitter Is a Cocktail Party
      11. Creating and Following Lists
      12. Advanced Search
      13. Gary Vaynerchuck @garyvee
      14. Hashtags and Twitter Chats
      15. Twitter Tools
      16. Tweet-Ups
      17. Twitter for Business
      18. Connecting from a 1972 VW Bus
      19. Think Before You Tweet
      20. Think Before You Let Others Tweet for You
      21. Say Hello
      22. Endnotes
    16. 6. One Billion People Can’t Be Wrong: Facebook
      1. Your Profile
      2. What Your About Section Tells Me
      3. What Are You Sharing?
      4. Friend Requests
      5. Don’t Abuse Your Friends
      6. Privacy Settings and Tips
      7. Liking Brands
      8. Interest Lists
      9. Smart Lists
      10. Company Smart Lists
      11. Groups
      12. Happy Birthday!
      13. Follow
      14. Photos Albums
      15. Growing Your Network
      16. Facebook for Business
      17. Facebook Pages
      18. Follow the Rules
      19. Facebook Page Tips
      20. Facebook Insights
      21. Page Posts
      22. Facebook EdgeRank
      23. Facebook Ads
      24. Promoted Posts
      25. Apps for Your Page
      26. Grow Your Network Using Facebook
      27. Endnotes
    17. 7. Still Growing and One to Watch: Google+
      1. Is Google+ for You?
      2. Getting Started
      3. Circles
      4. Overbearing by Oversharing
      5. Hangouts
      6. Hangouts On Air
      7. Communities
      8. Google+ Pages
      9. Google: The World’s Largest Search Engine
      10. Google+ Local
      11. Give Google+ a Try
      12. Endnotes
    18. 8. Content Is the Glue That Binds Us Together
      1. Rolling and Shooting: Content Through Video and Photography
      2. Instagram
      3. Flickr
      4. Creative Commons
      5. YouTube
      6. YouTube for Business
      7. Network with the People Around You: Foursquare
      8. Location, Location, Location: Yelp
      9. Pinterest
      10. StumbleUpon
      11. SlideShare
      12. Content Is the Glue
      13. Endnotes
    19. 9. If You Build It, They Will Come: Organizing Events
      1. Organizing BarCamp Nashville
      2. Organizing PodCamp Nashville
      3. Local Events and Mixers
      4. Doing Some Good
      5. Organizing Meetups for Business Networking
      6. Serving as the Connector
      7. Organizing Paid Conferences
      8. Getting Started
      9. Endnote
    20. 10. Listen Better. Remember More.
      1. L.I.S.T.E.N.
      2. Test Your Understanding
      3. Remember Names
      4. Remember Faces
      5. Refer to Smart Phones and Social Networks
      6. Gain Trust, Respect, and Knowledge
      7. Endnotes
    21. 11. Business Cards That Rock and When to Use Them
      1. Rules of Engagement
      2. Importance of Knowing Your Audience
      3. One Card to Rule Them All
      4. A Card for the Occasion
      5. Effective Design
      6. Personal Photos on Cards
      7. QR Codes
      8. NFC Chips
      9. Apps to the Rescue
      10. Follow-Up
      11. Personal Style
      12. Endnotes
    22. 12. We Live and Die by Our Database
      1. Size Doesn’t Matter
      2. Caring For and Nurturing Your Database
      3. Software Suggestions
      4. Protecting Your Database
      5. Backing Up
      6. Creating Email Newsletters
      7. Checking Back, Checking In
      8. Change Is Guaranteed
      9. Endnotes
    23. 13. Strong Relationships Lead to Success
      1. Meeting in Real Life
      2. They Will Use the Web to Learn About You
      3. Networking for Introverts
      4. Rekindling Conversations
      5. What You Should Do Now
      6. Endnotes
    24. Index