New Business: Next Steps

Book description

Refreshingly clear. Answers all those questions that entrepreneurs keep asking.
Robert Craven, author, Bright Marketing and Kick-Start Your Business
So you've launched your new business. But what do you need to do now to make sure it succeeds?
This all-in-one guide will help you make sure your fledgling enterprise becomes a successful business.
Packed with all the practical, valuable and insightful guidance you need on sales, marketing, finance, service, technology and much more, each chapter includes:
·    Easy-to-apply strategies for business success
·    Insightful case studies from businesses that survived the first five years
·    Helpful exercises and action plans
·    Valuable templates for you to use
This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to manage, grow and succeed with your new business.
Full of very valuable information. This is not theory – but live action in print. Highly recommended.
Professor Alan Barrell, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Product information

  • Title: New Business: Next Steps
  • Author(s): Ed Goodman, Ann Hawkins
  • Release date: January 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Education Limited
  • ISBN: 9781292017709