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New Channels of Music Distribution

Book Description

With an example-driven, hands-on approach, New Channels of Music Distribution offers a practical, comprehensive study of the music industry's evolving distribution system. While paying careful attention to the variables that impact success, C. Michael Brae examines the functionality and components of music distribution, as well as the music industry as a whole.

This book is a one-stop guide and resource for all musicians, performers, songwriters, and label owners in understanding all the elements and efficiency of music distribution. Through its hands-on exploration of the music business, this book provides insightful strategies for executing marketing, radio, retail campaigns, and much more.
Here you will find:
* Specific DIY methods and strategies for distributing music throughout every platform possible
* Case studies and discussions highlighting wholesale and retail markups, pricing strategies, major chains, rack jobbers, one-stops, mom and pop stores, and other retail outlets
* Tips on how to incorporate retail distribution networks supporting Soundscan and employ marketing techniques using cutting-edge web technology
* Distribution methods and promotion tactics to help you increase an effective "sell-through" on your music

An accompanying website (www.routledge.com/cw/brae) features examples of distribution, licensing, and co-publishing agreements, sample Midem charts, sample proposals, quiz questions, web links and key terms.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  5. About the Author
  6. Overview
  7. 1 Music Industry Study and Facts
    1. Music Lifestyle
    2. Today’s Celebrity Culture
    3. Mobile Music
    4. Downloading and Streaming
    5. Musical Merchandising
    6. Advertising Is OK
    7. Evaluating Your Fans, Artists and Overall Brand
    8. Current Trend Predictions in Today’s Music Market
    9. TV Trends
    10. Longer Hours
    11. Airtime Availability
    12. Coverage
    13. New Trends/Platforms of Music Video Promotion
    14. YouTube (the Ultimate Video Promotion Platform)
    15. YouTube Statistics
    16. Promotional Strategies of Music Videos
  8. 2 Music Copyright, Publishing and Licensing
    1. Copyright
    2. Music Publishing
    3. What Music Publishers Do
    4. Performing Rights Organizations
    5. The Business of Music Licensing
    6. Music Licensing Company Listing
  9. 3 Manufacturing Processes, Systems, Product Platforms and Music Production
    1. Manufacturing Processes
    2. Press on Demand
    3. Digital Download Cards
    4. Product Platforms
    5. Music Video: Pre-and Post-Production
    6. Understanding the Entire Production Process
    7. MVPA
  10. 4 Types of Distributors and Indie Distribution Associations
    1. Distribution Platforms
    2. (Major) Independent Distributors
    3. Independent Distributors
    4. One-Stop Distributors
    5. Rack Jobbers
    6. Exporters
    7. Digital Distribution
    8. Independent Distribution Associations
  11. 5 Distribution Processes
    1. Music Distribution Process
    2. Returns
    3. Pricing
    4. Distribution Payment Terms
    5. Protect Yourself
    6. Invoicing
    7. Request for Return
    8. Getting Started
    9. Distributors and Promotion
    10. Doing Business With a Distributor
    11. Collection
  12. 6 Distribution Resources
    1. Catalogs and Databases
    2. Commercial Radio/College/Internet Tracking Services
    3. How to Get a UPC Number for Your Product
    4. ISRC
  13. 7 Alternative Selling and Total Exposure
    1. Cutouts, Repackaging
    2. Mail Order
    3. Placing Ads
    4. Branding the Music
    5. Adding Corporate Sponsorship Support
  14. 8 Internet Marketing
    1. Managing Your Online Social Reputation
    2. Online Music Distribution Services
    3. Email Campaigns
    4. Blogging
    5. (New) Online Marketing Tools
    6. Newsgroups
    7. Creating Your Own Music Website
    8. Search Engines and Optimization
  15. 9 Radio
    1. Break It Down
    2. The Importance of Radio Airplay
    3. Industry Trades
    4. Billboard
    5. FMQB
    6. Hits Daily Double
    7. College Music Journal
    8. Radio Promo (The New Trend)
    9. Radio Touring Support
    10. Promotional Delivery Trends
    11. Best Time of the Year to Push Radio
    12. College Radio Promo Campaigns
    13. Internet Radio
    14. Satellite Radio
  16. 10 Promotional Campaigns and Planning
    1. Touring and Booking Agents
    2. Show Sales
    3. Fan Clubs
    4. Mailing Campaign Follow-Ups
    5. Club Promotion
    6. Campaign Management
    7. Advertising
  17. 11 Company Structure
    1. Understanding the Right Company Structure
    2. Corporate Advantages
    3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships
    4. Advantages of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    5. Advantages and Disadvantages of General Partnerships
    6. Advantages and Disadvantages of S Corporations
    7. Advantages and Disadvantages of C Corporations
    8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Nonprofit Corporations
    9. Obtaining Your Corporation EIN Number
    10. Dun & Bradstreet
    11. Build Your Company “Paydex”
  18. 12 Record Label Organization
    1. Chief Executive Officer
    2. President
    3. Legal Department
    4. Marketing Department
    5. Marketing Objectives
    6. Sales and Distribution
    7. Retail Co-op Advertising
    8. Alternate Distribution Outlets
    9. Artist and Repertoire (A&R)
    10. Promotion
    11. Online Marketing
    12. Online Promotion
    13. Social Networking
    14. Creative Production
    15. Manufacturing
    16. Media Relations
    17. Publicity Department
    18. Corporate Sponsorship Department
    19. Business Affairs Administration
    20. Artist Development
    21. Merchandising Department
    22. Creative Services
  19. 13 International Markets
    1. International Music Records Popular in Japanese Marketplace
    2. Global Consumers Are Buying More Online
    3. Connected Commerce: Bridging Digital With the In-Store Experience
    4. Who Is Shopping Online?
    5. Understanding International Environments
    6. Conclusion
  20. Appendix 1: Radio Campaign Codes and Spreadsheet Sample
  21. Appendix 2: Master Use License Agreement
  22. Appendix 3: Consent to Mechanical License
  23. Appendix 4: Distribution Agreement
  24. Appendix 5: Production, Manufacture and Distribution Agreement
  25. Appendix 6: Artist Management Agreement
  26. Appendix 7: US Radio Market Share
  27. Appendix 8: Top 100 World Cities by Population
  28. Glossary of Music and Industry-Related Terms
  29. Index