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New Directions for Academic Liaison Librarians

Book Description

Aimed at practitioners and students of librarianship, this book is about interesting and unusual practical projects currently being run by academic liaison librarians. It shows how liaison librarians can extend their roles beyond the established one of information literacy teaching and showcases areas in which they can engage in collaborative ventures with academic and administrative staff. Designed to excite and inspire, New Directions for Academic Liaison Librarians demonstrates the potential of the liaison role and emphasises the need for flexibility, imagination and initiative in those who hold these posts.

  • Unique in concentrating on the role of the new community of academic liaison librarians
  • Recognises the wider possibilities for development open to this different new breed of information specialist
  • Written by a practitioner in the field

Table of Contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. List of abbreviations
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. About the author
  8. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Abstract
    2. Key words
    3. What does academic liaison mean?
    4. From subject librarian to academic liaison?
    5. Subject librarians ‘plus’
    6. Overview of the book
  9. Chapter 2: Liaison in the wider world: a medical librarian in Malawi
    1. Abstract:
    2. Background to the project
    3. Initial impressions
    4. Working with the library
    5. Networking and liaison
    6. Post-project activities
    7. Lessons learned for similar projects
  10. Chapter 3: Liaison and bibliometric support: the UK Research Assessment Exercise
    1. Abstract:
    2. Background to the project: what is the RAE?
    3. Library contribution to the RAE: the Glasgow University experience
    4. Process details
    5. Opportunities for the library
    6. The institutional repository: Enlighten
    7. The role of liaison
    8. Lessons learned for similar projects
  11. Chapter 4: Liaison and virtual worlds
    1. Abstract:
    2. Virtual worlds
    3. Teaching a course in Second Life: the librarian’s role
    4. Teaching the teachers in Second Life
    5. Virtual worlds teaching: pros and cons
    6. The Karuna Island Project
    7. Other virtual worlds roles for librarians?
    8. Lessons learned for similar projects
  12. Chapter 5: Liaison and digital scholarship
    1. Abstract:
    2. The Australian Poetry Library, University of Sydney
    3. Glasgow Emblem Digitisation Project, University of Glasgow
    4. Mark Twain Papers and Project, California Digital Library
    5. Lessons learned for similar projects
  13. Chapter 6: Liaison and open access journals
    1. Abstract:
    2. Background to the project: the Institutional Repository
    3. The journals project
    4. Set-up and production stages
    5. The liaison role
    6. Future plans
    7. Lessons learned for similar projects
  14. Chapter 7: Liaison and community outreach: a Friends of the Library group
    1. Abstract:
    2. Setting up the group
    3. Programme of events
    4. Finance and administration
    5. King James Library Lectures
    6. Lessons learned for similar projects
  15. Chapter 8: Liaison and library buildings
    1. Abstract:
    2. Background to the project
    3. Project development
    4. The liaison role
    5. Fundraising
    6. Library involvement in the design
    7. Lessons learned for similar projects
  16. Chapter 9: Conclusion
    1. Abstract:
    2. The changing role of the liaison librarian
    3. Embedded librarianship
    4. The future for academic liaison?
    5. Academic liaison in the Arts: a personal view
    6. Case study round-up
  17. References and further reading
  18. Index