Chapter 8
Advanced Total
Development System,
Total Production
System, and Total
Marketing System
Key to Global Manufacturing
8.1 High-Linkage Model: Advanced Total
Development System, Total Production
System, and Total Marketing System
8.1.1 Introduction
At present, leading companies are promoting global production strategies to real-
ize international quality standards and simultaneous production startup worldwide
(Amasaka, 2004a). Advanced companies in particular are eagerly looking for a
new quality management method to supply new attractive product models ahead
of their competitors to ensure their survival in the worldwide market (Doos et al.,
1991; Womack and Jones 1994; Taylor and Brunt, 2001). A future successful global
226New JIT, New Management Technology Principle
marketer must develop an advanced management system that impresses users
and continuously provides excellent products of high quality in a timely manner
through corporate management (Nezu, 1995; Amasaka, 2007a). To realize manu-
facturing that places top priority on customers with good quality, cost, and delivery
(QCD) in a rapidly changing technical environment, it is essential to create a new
core principle that is capable of changing the work process quality of all divisions
in order to reform super-short-term development production (Amasaka, 2004a).
erefore, a high-linkage model employing an advanced Total Development System
(TDS), Total Production System (TPS), and Total Management System (TMS) for the
strategic development of management technology in advanced companies that utilize
the authors New Just in Time (JIT) (Amasaka, 2002, 2007a) is hereby proposed. is
is the traditional JIT system for not only manufacturing, but also for customer relations,
business and sales, merchandise planning and engineering design, production engineer-
ing, administration, and management for enhancing business process innovation and
the introduction of new concepts and procedures. e eectiveness of the proposed
structured integrated triple management technologies system—Advanced TDS, TPS,
and TMS—was veried at advanced car manufacturer A.
8.1.2 Need for a New Global Management
Technology Model for New JIT Strategy
At present, advanced companies in the world, including in Japan, are shifting to
global production to realize uniform quality worldwide and production at opti-
mum locations for survival in an environment of erce competition (Amasaka,
2004a). To attain successful global production, technical administration, produc-
tion control, purchasing control, sales administration, information systems, and
other administrative departments should maintain close cooperation with clerical
and indirect departments. At the same time, they should establish strategic cooper-
ative and creative business linkages with individual development, production, and
sales departments, as well as with outside manufacturers (suppliers). For a manufac-
turer to accurately grasp customer intentions in order to proceed with production
that satises the demands of the times, it is important that all the departments play
a leading role in company-wide advanced management.
Because realizing production at optimum locations with the same quality
worldwide ahead of competitors is the key to successful global production, strategic
partnering between engineering, production, and sales operations as well as sup-
pliers is essential (Amasaka, 2007a,b,h). In order to manufacture attractive prod-
ucts, it is necessary rst for each of the marketing, sales, development design, and
manufacturing divisions to manage themselves with successful internal linkages
and linkages to other divisions to organically connect with administrative (tech-
nical administration, production control, purchasing administration, information
systems, and quality assurance) and indirect clerical divisions through systematic,

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