NEW! Microsoft AZ-104 Certification: Azure Administrator

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Welcome to Skylines Academy – your first stop for the AZ-104 Certification Course!
Skylines Academy presents the NEW AZ-104 course. The AZ-104 exam will be available around March 31, according to Microsoft. Master Instructor Nick Colyer brings you updated content to match the new AZ-104 curriculum.

Nick’s AZ-103 course (previous version of the AZ-104) had rave reviews and has helped thousands of students across the globe pass the exam.

Student Reviews for the Azure Administrator Associate Course by Nick Colyer:

"Very easy to digest videos. The length is perfect to cover the topic but not bore. The presentation style is good and you clearly point to additional resources were needed which is helpful."

“Five stars!”

“Wonderful course and content. I was able to pass the exam with help from the course and all the study resources.”

“I enjoy the course. I am able to go back to the modules to watch again and again. Every time I re-watch, I find few more things that I missed or did not understand well from the previous watching. So very helpful. Thanks very much.”

Course Description:

Want to become an Azure admin and not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! The Skylines Academy AZ-104 Azure Administrator course by Nick Colyer will not only teach you all about core Azure services in-depth, but it will also go into detail through demonstrations so you can administer Azure.

During your Azure Administrator journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, and ultimately passing, the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam.

Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

During this course, you will learn how to:

Access Azure and how you’ll be using Azure PowerShell and CLI to administer the environment
Create and allocate accounts and subscriptions as a starting point
Manage AD identity objects and verify user credentials
Enforce governance for your Azure subscriptions
Implement and allocate various storage types
Spin up virtual machines (VMs) based on the needs of your use case
Utilize Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates application deployment efficiencies
Run containerized applications to cut costs
Create and configure web apps
Implement a network standard as the backbone of your Azure environment
Monitor the Azure platform to detect threats and inefficiencies
Deploy a backup policy to ensure your environment is recoverable

You’ll need to spin up a free Azure account for a more hands-on experience
We recommend you take the AZ-900 course and exam to form foundational knowledge of the Azure platform
Previous knowledge of data center technology areas such as compute, network, and storage is highly recommended
Drive to learn about cloud and Microsoft Azure

Thank you for joining us!

Nick & The Skylines Academy Team

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. AZ-104 Course Introduction
  2. Accounts and Subscriptions Overview
    1. Lecture: Intro to Accounts and Subscriptions
    2. Demo: Account and Subscription Management
    3. Demo: Azure (FREE) Trial Account Creation
  3. Subscriptions and Governance
    1. Lecture: Domain Services
    2. Lecture: Azure AD Overview
    3. Demo: Azure AD
    4. Demo: Create Azure AD Users and Groups
    5. Demo: Configure Self-Service Password Reset
    6. Lecture: Azure AD Pricing
    7. Demo: Resource Groups and Tagging
    8. Demo: Moving Resources Between Resource Groups
    9. Lecture: Resource Locks
    10. Demo: Resource Locks
    11. Lecture: Azure Policies
    12. Demo: Azure Policies and Management Groups
    13. Demo: Billing Alerts
    14. Demo: Quotas, Cost Analysis and Tagging
  4. Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
    1. Lecture: RBAC
    2. Demo: RBAC
  5. Azure Storage
    1. Lecture: Types of Data
    2. Lecture: Azure SQL Services
    3. Lecture: Azure Storage
    4. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    5. Demo: Storage Account Portal
    6. Demo: Storage Account PowerShell
    7. Demo: Use Storage Explorer with Azure Storage
    8. Demo: AZ Copy v10
    9. Lecture: Manage Permissions
    10. Demo: Create and Manage Shared Access Signatures (SAS)
    11. Lecture: Storage Keys
    12. Lecture: Custom Domains
    13. Lecture: Import/Export
    14. Demo: Azure Files
    15. Demo: Azure File Sync
  6. Compute - Virtual Machines
    1. Lecture: VMs Overview
    2. Lecture: VM Azure Compute Units
    3. Lecture: VM - Supported OS Versions
    4. Lecture: VM Limitations
    5. Demo: Create a VM
    6. Demo: Deploy VM with Powershell
    7. Lecture: VM Images
    8. Demo: Create a Custom Image
    9. Lecture: PowerShell DSC Overview
    10. Demo: PowerShell DSC Example
    11. Lecture: Custom Script Extension
    12. Lecture: VM Availability Overview
    13. Lecture: Availability Zones
    14. Demo: Configure Availability Set for 2 VMs
    15. Lecture: VM Scaling Overview
    16. Demo: VM Scale Sets
    17. Lecture: VM Storage Overview
    18. Demo: Add Managed Disk to Azure VM
    19. Lecture: Disk Caching
    20. Demo: Disk Caching
    21. Lecture: Disk Encryption
    22. Demo: Create a Key Vault for Disk Encryption
    23. Demo: Configure Disk Encryption on Windows
  7. ARM Templates
    1. Lecture: ARM Overview
    2. Lecture: ARM Templates Overview
    3. Demo: Query Resource Providers
    4. Demo: ARM Templates
    5. Lecture: ARM Functions and Linking Templates
    6. Demo: ARM Count Loops
    7. Demo: Save Deployment as ARM Template
  8. Containers
    1. Lecture: Containers Overview
    2. Demo: Install Docker
    3. Demo: Prepare App for AKS
    4. Demo: Create Azure Containers Registry
    5. Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster
    6. Demo: Run App and Scale on AKS
  9. App Services
    1. Lecture: App Services Overview
    2. Demo: Create an App Service Plan in the Azure Portal
    3. Demo: Create and Deploy a Web App
    4. Lecture: App Service Monitoring
    5. Lecture: App Service Settings Overview
    6. Demo: Configure Application Settings
    7. Lecture: Deployment Slots
    8. Demo: Deployment Slots
  10. Networking
    1. Lecture: Network Overview
    2. Demo: Create VNet in Azure Portal
    3. Demo: Create VNet in PowerShell
    4. Lecture: Internet Access and DNS
    5. Demo: Azure Private DNS Zone
    6. Demo: Azure Public DNS Zone
    7. Lecture: Network Security Overview
    8. Lecture: Network Security Groups (NSGs)
    9. Demo: Create and Configure a Network Security Group (NSG)
    10. Lecture: Azure Firewall
    11. Demo: Configure Azure Firewall
    12. Lecture: Azure Load Balancer Technologies
    13. Demo: Create and Configure an Azure Load Balancer
    14. Demo: Configure App Gateway
    15. Demo: Azure VM Networking Review
    16. Lecture: Hybrid Connectivity Options
    17. Lecture: Routing and Peering
    18. Demo: Create User-defined Routes and VNet Peering
    19. Lecture: Hybrid Scenarios
  11. Monitoring
    1. Lecture: Monitoring Overview
    2. Demo: Azure Monitor and Alerts
    3. Lecture: Log Analytics
    4. Demo: Analyze, Visualize, and Alert on Data with Log Analytics
    5. Demo: Network Watcher
  12. Backup
    1. Lecture: Azure Backup Overview
    2. Demo: Configuring Azure Backup, Backing up and Restoring a Windows VM
    3. Demo: Configuring the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) Agent
    4. Lecture: Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
    5. Demo: Azure Site Recovery - Prepare Azure
    6. Demo: Azure Site Recovery - Prepare VMware
    7. Lecture: Options Recovery Review

Product information

  • Title: NEW! Microsoft AZ-104 Certification: Azure Administrator
  • Author(s): Nick Colyer
  • Release date: March 2020
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: 10009AZ104