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Next Generation Finance: Adapting the financial services industry to changes in technology, regulation and consumer behaviour

Book Description

If any good has come out of the 2007-2009 financial crisis it must be the realisation that financial services will never be the same again. Next Generation Finance - a collection of articles by experts across the spectrum of the finance industry - will open your eyes to what the future is likely to bring and illustrate the road ahead for banks, brokers, investors, and business within and outside financial services. Among the highlights are chapters about: - 'Recovering lost trust', which gives stunning examples of executive naivety and ignorance amidst a time of great change and suggests how things should managed differently going forward. - The 'Intelligent Index', which shows how potential investors are able to monitor risk and performance separately for themselves in order to decide what kind of investment vehicle will suit their investment strategy. - The 'Digital Revolution', which looks at the four significant technological forces at play - The Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social - and the issues resulting from the resultant massive increase in processing power. - 'Online Document Storage and Delivery Services', where the author explains how online storage and delivery of documents and information creates the prospect for firms to save money, improve service and retain clients. To avoid a repeat of past crises structural change is required; Next Generation Finance will leave you informed of what shape this change is likely to take and how you can ready yourself and your business to take advantage of it. Don't be left in the wake - prepare for the next generation of finance. About Next Generation Finance (NextGFI) Next Generation Finance Invest (NextGFI) invests in companies which are well positioned to benefit from new megatrends in finance, which in turn sees NextGFI well positioned to benefit from the significant upcoming changes. For several years, as investors, entrepreneurs and consultants, NextGFI Management has dealt with organisations which own innovative business models and/or innovative technologies.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Introduction
    1. Money Laundering Regulatory And Compliance Regimes
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. The legal framework
      4. How technology is being deployed
      5. Client risk assessment
      6. Transaction risk detection
      7. Summary
    2. ETFs: What Is The Price Of Admission?
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. ETFs vs. mutual funds
      4. The attraction of ETFs
      5. Devil in the detail: the downside of ETFs
      6. Lower trading costs vs. systemic risk
      7. Conclusion
    3. Online Document Storage And Delivery Services: The Financial Services Context
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. The demographics are changing
      4. The start of a different type of client relationship?
      5. The cloud
      6. The business case
      7. Document delivery
    4. Sentiment Trading – Paradigm-Shift For Intraday Traders
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. Detecting Sentiment in Communication
      4. Deriving trading signals from sentiment data
      5. Sentiment trading: examples
      6. Sentiment trading: not just a paradigm-shift for traders
      7. References
    5. The Story of OANDA: Building A Company In The Finance Industry
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. The unique selling proposition of the internet
      4. How I started my career in finance
      5. OANDA: information company and market maker
      6. What were the challenges at OANDA?
      7. The future
    6. Recovering Lost Trust
      1. About the author
      2. Damaged beyond repair?
      3. Unintended consequences
      4. What the consumer saw
      5. Regulation
      6. Competition
      7. Product proliferation
      8. Marketing communications
      9. Customer knowledge and consumerism
      10. Management experience
      11. Epilogue
    1. The Fourfold Revolution In Financial Services
      1. About the author
      2. Coming to terms with the revolution
      3. Digital vs Revolution
      4. Product revolution
      5. Data revolution
      6. Mobile revolution
      7. Collective revolution
      8. Ecosystems are key
      9. Recipe for success
      10. Summary
    2. Risk And Opportunity In The Digital Revolution
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction: From Black Monday to Flash Crash
      3. Part 1: Technology and Finance – Fear and Opportunity
      4. Part 2: Risks of the Digital Revolution
      5. Part 3: Digital Possibilities
      6. Part 4: Technology, Finance and Geopolitics
    3. Preparing For Digital Disaster – Invisible Risks With Catastrophic Implications
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. The changing face of business crime
      4. Insurance industry and businesses need to adapt
      5. Beginning the shake up
    4. Next Generation Hedge Funds
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. Characterisation of hedge funds
      4. Comparison between social trading and hedge funds
      5. Detailed analysis of social trading advantages
      6. Conclusion
    5. The Future Of Finance Is Social
      1. About the author
      2. Disrupted by the internet
      3. Change in the financial industry
      4. The emergence of social trading
      5. Welcome to the democratisation of investing
      6. Diversification is everything
      7. Protecting the user
      8. Where’s the future of finance heading?
    6. Crowdfunding: A Fundamental Change In Investing
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. Crowdfunding, offshoot of crowdsourcing
      4. Why finance lags other industries and how it’s catching up
      5. Enter crowdfunding: it begins with a change in regulation
      6. Three (and growing) flavours of crowdfunding
      7. Growth of the market
      8. Future of crowdfunding: coming to a theatre near you
    1. Intelligent Index Engineering: A New Way of Presenting Active Asset Allocation Strategies
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. 1. Behavioural market dynamics
      4. 2. Active asset allocation
      5. 3. Client-centric solutions
      6. 4. Summary
      7. Bibliography
    2. The Networked Bank
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. The What: User-Focused Banking
      4. The Why: Beligerently Broken Banking
      5. How: Banks, Cars and Faster Horses
      6. The Who: Keeping Up with the Joneses
      7. Conclusion: The When
    3. The Next Generation Finance Megatrend
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. Outlook
    4. Financial Repression – Is Someone Batting For You?
      1. About the authors
      2. Introduction
      3. The age of financial repression
      4. A challenge to the status quo
      5. Democratising the finance industry
    5. Bitcoin – A Promise of Freedom
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. What is Bitcoin?
      4. Strengths
      5. Weaknesses
      6. Opportunities
      7. Threats
      8. Excursus: Collapse of complex societies
      9. Conclusion
    6. Making Humans Happy
      1. About the author
      2. Introduction
      3. Lesson 1: Focus on the customer
      4. Lesson 2: Keep it simple
      5. Lesson 3: Always have a WHY
      6. Lesson 4: Don’t pretend to be something you’re not
      7. Lesson 5: Get the basics right
      8. Bring Back Humanity
    7. The Future Is All About The Data
      1. About the author
      2. Abstract
      3. The Internet of Things
      4. What does this mean for transaction banking?
      5. Money is meaningless
      6. Banks are just data vaults
      7. Data is the core
  7. From Harriman House
    1. Business
    2. Investing
    3. Trading