13.8.1 Introduction

Finally, we turn now to look at possible combinations of the various technologies discussed in this chapter, especially to enable new types of services. The ideas explored include some of the technologies explored throughout the book. I hope that it provokes thought and leaves you with higher aspirations for next generation mobile services than when you started reading this book.

13.8.2 Connectedness of Things

Location finding, P2P technology and social networking – what do they have in common? I'm not sure that I have the answer(s), but I instinctively feel there are some connections and possible emergent themes for mobile services. I am going to attempt to identify some here.

Leaving messages in space containing pictures and video clips that are searchable according to who's in them might be a powerful concept worth enacting. To do this, we need a few current technologies and ideas to converge, as is probably going to be the case for most of the exciting apps that will emerge in the coming 3G era.

13.8.3 Making a Splash

Imagine walking down the road and as you turn a street corner, up pops a message on your mobile phone. Using fine-resolution location sensing, a real-time application has detected you entering an area where messages have been pinned to a virtual notice board on that very street corner. Using software on your mobile device you can read the messages, including viewing pictures and watching ...

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