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Next Level Supply Management Excellence

Book Description

Next level supply organizations have the capability to look at where they have been, understand the current state of knowledge, and project what they need to do to be successful over the next ten years. As supply organizations take a broader view of their domain, entirely new areas of opportunity and growth begin to take shape. This book defines those areas that require next level thinking, including collaborating early and often with suppliers, talent management, strategic sourcing, negotiations management, and supply risk management beyond today’s commonly accepted body of knowledge.

Next Level Supply Management Excellence is for anyone interested in understanding what a more advanced state of procurement and supply management will look like over the next ten years. Part I includes six chapters that build the foundation and provide the framework for moving to the next level of supply management. Part II contains ten chapters that provide significant detail about areas that essentially define a next level supply organization. And Part III presents a variety of topics that will add value to the reader’s knowledge base and next level professional agenda.

Key Features
  • Emphasizes next level practices and strategies that move beyond current thinking
  • Contains valuable insights and advice from numerous industry-leading experts who have led successful transformations across various industries
  • Provides the tools and techniques needed for ensuring that ROI is maximized and other project benefits are achieved or exceeded even when they occur long after project closeout
  • Covers topics relevant to the supply professional today and the not-so-distant future, including the battle against complexity, risk management, early involvement in capital expenditures procurement, comprehensive energy management, effectively managing working capital, and leveraging external resources effectively
  • Presents a proven transformation model within procurement and supply management for obtaining outstanding results
  • WAV offers supplemental information about opportunity assessments, international trade and compliance, transformation roadmaps, comprehensive energy management, strategic sourcing & negotiations management training and mentoring, and supplier surveys — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com