Next:Economy Summit 2016 - San Francisco, California: Video Compilation

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For the first time in generations, many believe our children may be worse off than we are. Skeptics point to technology as the culprit, arguing that AI and robotics will destroy far more jobs than they create. Are the prospects really that dark for our children and grandchildren, our businesses and our economy, our cities and our way of life? No, says the remarkable collection of entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy makers, and technologists who gathered at the October 2016 Next: Economy Summit in San Francisco. This video compilation captures every thoughtful insight, artful analysis, and passionate prediction made at the conference by this stellar group as they chart a course toward a Next Economy offering—if we make the right choices—prosperity to all.

You’ll hear from 52 different speakers and get introduced to more than 40 Next Economy companies. A brief sampling of the speakers includes: Douglas Rushkoff, author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus; AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky; McKinsey Global Institute Director James Manyika; New Relic's Hilarie Koplow-McAdams; Niantic founder John Hanke; IBM CIO Jeff Smith; Uber’s Rachel Holt, and others. Some of the companies you’ll learn about include: Lola, a travel industry transformer using a "making humans cool again" AI approach; Zipline, a drone transport company that carries medicines to remote Rwandan locations; Grail, a genomics-computation leader developing cancer-detecting blood tests; Gigster, an on-demand software development platform; and Bonsai, the AI platform open to anyone.

  • Watch a thought-provoking and frank set of discussions about the future of work in the 21st Century
  • Understand the economic impact of the human-machine nexus: AI, bots, and augmented workers
  • Enjoy a close-up on-demand view of each of the 52 speakers, 33 presentations, and 6 workshops
  • Learn why investors bet $100 million on the emerging genomics-computation healthcare industry
  • See the new politics platform that offered a $5M reward for Donald Trump's tax returns
  • Hear from Pokémon GO's creator on the future of the augmented reality entertainment industry
  • Watch Silicon Valley insiders at The Information and challenge “blitzscale” thinking
  • See the Aspen Institute, Y Combinator, and others make the case for a universal basic income
  • Hear from the AI industry-makers at Google DeepMInd and IBM Watson
  • See how Tom Kartsotis (Shinola) and others use tech to turn struggling cities like Detroit into successful ones

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Table of contents

  1. Work not jobs
    1. Grail: A conversation with Jeff Huber
    2. On-demand drone delivery for blood and medicine - Keller Rinaudo (Zipline)
    3. Aging with Honor: A conversation with Seth Sternberg and Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins
  2. What happens when machines do more of the work
    1. A conversation with Jeff Weiner
    2. Our World in Data - Max Roser (University of Oxford)
    3. Is it time for a universal basic income? - Andrew Stern (Columbia University), Natalie Foster (The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative | Open Society Foundations), and Elizabeth Rhodes (Y Combinator Research)
    4. Making a market in status - James Nord (Fohr Card)
  3. What makes a great place to live? Lessons for the Next Economy from cities
    1. Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: A conversation with Douglas Rushkoff
    2. Building efficient marketplaces for services - Marco Zappacosta (Thumbtack)
    3. The augmented city: A conversation with John Hanke of Niantic, creator of Pokémon GO
  4. Corporate transformation: Preparing businesses to survive in the Next Economy
    1. A conversation with Google DeepMind cofounder - Mustafa Suleyman
    2. A conversation with Colin Megill
    3. How Jeff Smith built an Agile culture at IBM - Jeffrey Smith (IBM)
    4. The Human Company Manifesto - Sara Holoubek (Luminary Labs)
    5. Creating a culture of learning - Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Laura Baldwin (O'Reilly Media, Inc.) and Jake Schwartz (General Assembly)
    6. Bots in the enterprise - Peter Skomoroch (Skipflag) and Ellen Choi (CareerLark)
    7. The real-time business: A conversation with Hilarie Koplow-McAdams
    8. What makes a great city? - Libby Schaaf (City of Oakland)
  5. Rethinking finance and corporate governance
    1. Makers and Takers: A conversation with Rana Foroohar
    2. Factory Man: A conversation with John Bassett III
    3. Using code to cut 401(k) fees - Kevin Busque (Guideline)
    4. Local food, local chefs, on demand: A conversation with Matt Jorgensen of Josephine
  6. Human-machine cooperation
    1. Making humans cool again: A conversation with Paul English
  7. What AI can and can’t do
    1. A conversation with David Kenny, general manager at IBM Watson

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