Chapter 14

To Be Wireless

In This Chapter

arrow Accessing a Wi-Fi network

arrow Using Bluetooth

arrow Pairing with a Bluetooth peripheral

arrow Printing with your Nexus 7

arrow Transferring information with Android Beam

I’m proud to choose the wireless life. There’s a charm to being portable, light, and free. The battery in the Nexus 7 keeps you away from the power socket for hours. Wireless networking keeps you connected to the Internet but not chained to it. And Bluetooth lets the tablet sport a variety of peripherals, nary a wire in sight. If it’s wireless, it’s covered in this chapter.

Wireless Networking Wizardry

You know that wireless networking has hit the big-time when you see people asking Santa Claus for a wireless router at Christmas. Such a thing would have been unheard of years ago when routers were used primarily for woodworking.

The primary reason for wireless networking on the Nexus 7 is to connect to the Internet. For exchanging and synchronizing files, refer to Chapter 15.

Using the mobile data ...

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