We’d like to first express our thanks to all the core developers, contributors, and other community members who have helped make NHibernate a first-class open source tool. We’d also like to extend our thanks to those who have made the original Java Hibernate a success. Our thanks to Jim Bolla, Mike Doerfler, Paul Hatcher, Sergey Koshcheyev, Demetris Manikas, Fabio Maulo, Donald Mull, Bill Pierce, Dario Quintana, Ayende Rahien, Peter Smulovics, Michael Third, Kailuo Wang, Kevin Williams, and all the other contributors to NHibernate.

As with any book, this one has required huge quantities of time, effort, and patience. We’d like to thank the Manning Publications team for their incredible expertise and know-how. They’ve continually ...

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