1.2. Part 1: Getting Started with NHibernate

Before we get into the details of NHibernate, I think it's important to show you how powerful it is with a quick demo project. By the end of this small project, you will have a real taste for what NHibernate can offer you and just how much time it's going to save you.

1.2.1. A Quick Demo

To get you started, I am going to build a very simple web site that will enable you to add and display people in a database. You can either download the finished demo application or read along and create it from scratch. First off, we need to get the NHibernate Framework, so navigate to www.nhibernate.org and click on the latest release, as shown in Figure 1 (at the time of writing, this is version 2.0.1.GA). You ...

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