Chapter 8. Action and Sports Photography

Nearly everyone likes photographs that portray some sort of exciting event unfolding. These types of photographs often bring you closer to an event or freeze the moment, allowing you to see the action in a way that's just not possible with the naked eye.

Action photography is usually equated with some kind of sport, although that's not always the case. Action photography can be done with any type of moving subject, from a pet running up the beach to a child running around at the playground to a professional basketball player slam-dunking the ball.

Action and Sports Photography

Catching an athlete at the peak of the trick is the key to a successful action shot.

Preparing Your Shot

One of the most essential skills for achieving great action shots is timing. To get a great shot, you need to get the peak of the action. In order to capture the action at its peak, it helps to be familiar with the sport. For example, when photographing a track event such as the 100-yard dash, you know that as the runners come off of the starting blocks, there will be strength and energy in their form. Of course, catching the winner crossing the finish line is also a great time for a shot.

The best way to get a feel for the sport you're photographing is quite simply to stand back and watch before you start shooting. Taking a few minutes to act as a spectator can allow you to see the rhythm of the action. ...

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